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Covid: Face mask rules and Covid passes to end in England
Working from home guidance is also ending as England reverts to "Plan A", Boris Johnson says.
In the name of God go, David Davis tells UK PM
The former cabinet minister joins calls for Boris Johnson to stand down, as a Tory MP defects to Labour.
Jozef Puska, 31, charged with murder of Ashling Murphy
A man appears at a special court in the Republic of Ireland charged with the murder of Ashling Murphy.
Defecting was most difficult decision - Wakeford
The ex-Tory MP says he had "many sleepless nights" over moving to Labour, but it was the "right decision".
Tonga volcano: New images reveal scale of damage after tsunami
Trees are torn down and buildings ripped apart following Saturday's tsunami triggered by a volcano.
Covid in schools: Inquiry launched to find 100,000 pupils absent in England
England's children's commissioner says she will "go out and find" those not on school rolls.
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'In the name of God, go': Tory fury spills over as Boris Johnson clings on
Former minister demands PM's resignation in Commons, one Conservative MP defects and others clamour for concessionsBoris Johnson has faced a defection and a demand to quit from one of his most senior MPs during a dramatic day in Westminster, with even allies of the prime minister warning the current situation cannot go on.David Davis caused shockwaves when he told Johnson in the Commons: "In the name of God, go." Less than an hour earlier, Christian Wakeford, the MP for Bury South, quit the Conservatives and joined Labour in fury at the Downing Street parties scandal. Continue reading...
Manchin digs in against filibuster reform as Biden holds anniversary press conference - live
  • Manchin delivers Senate floor speech while Biden takes questions
  • President says 'big chunks' of Build Back Better could pass
  • Acknowledges Covid-19 fatigue but says situation will improve
  • Sanders says 'very good chance' Manchin and Sinema will face primary challenges
  • New York attorney general alleges Trump misled tax officials
Over on Capitol Hill, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell lamented the "sad spectacle" of Democrats trying to change the filibuster to pass voting rights legislation.McConnell accused majority leader Chuck Schumer of launching a "direct assault on the core identity of the Senate" by attempting to amend the filibuster, which Republicans have repeatedly used to block Democrats' voting rights bills. Continue reading...
Fear and defiance on Ukraine's frontline: 'We don't like dictators here'
With ageing Soviet-era rockets and a depleted, elderly fleet, Ukraine's military hold their breath for Moscow's next moveYiry Ulshin surveyed a scene of ruin. Before him were the remains of what was once a school. Desks were covered in debris. A photo of the class of 2011 lay in the wreckage. There were abandoned crayons and year 3 books in Ukrainian and Russian. Beyond a bullet-scarred wall was a view of pine trees and sea."My heart is hurting. Why did Russia do this?" Ulshin, a Ukrainian army commander, asked. Continue reading...
Heavily armed police launch huge push to seize control of Rio de Janeiro favela
State governor says surprise operation against drug gangs and mafia groups is start of 'transformational' occupationHundreds of heavily armed police have stormed one of Rio's largest favelas at the start of what authorities claimed was a "transformational" attempt to wrest back control from the drug gangs and paramilitary mafias which dominate huge swaths of the Brazilian city.The operation began at daybreak on Wednesday as security forces in camouflage gear and armoured personnel carriers swept into Jacarezinho, a bustling redbrick community that has been a stronghold of the Red Command drug faction since the 1980s. Continue reading...
Prince Andrew's social media accounts deleted as he fights US lawsuit
Twitter and YouTube pages no longer accessible, while royal website refers to his role in the past tenseThe Duke of York's social media accounts are being deleted as he continues his legal battle to fight a sexual assault lawsuit filed against him in the US.Last week the Queen stripped her second son of his honorary military affiliations and royal patronages, and he agreed not to use his royal style HRH in any official capacity. Continue reading...
Ghislaine Maxwell to file request for retrial over juror's revelation
Lawyers are poised to submit detailed documents seeking a new trial after a juror said he was a victim of sexual abuseGhislaine Maxwell's legal team was poised on Wednesday to file detailed documents requesting a new trial following revelations that a juror may not have disclosed childhood sexual abuse during jury selection.Maxwell, the daughter of the late British publishing baron Robert Maxwell, was convicted on 29 December of five counts for facilitating the late financier Jeffrey Epstein's sexual abuse of girls, some as young as 14. Continue reading...
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Biden admits shortcomings after 1 year as President
President Joe Biden address the nation and acknowledges his administrations' shortcomings, including not enough Covid-19 testing during his first year in office.
Biden predicts Russia will invade Ukraine
President Joe Biden on Wednesday predicted a Russian invasion of Ukraine, citing existential concerns by the country's president, Vladimir Putin, even as he warned of significant economic consequences should such an incursion occur.
Biden says Harris will be his running mate should he run in 2024
President Joe Biden on Wednesday said firmly that Vice President Kamala Harris will be his running mate should he run for reelection in 2024.
Biden concedes his team should have done more to ramp up Covid testing
President Joe Biden is scheduled to hold a formal news conference on Wednesday from the White House as he marks the end of his first full year in office.
The polls hold scant good news for Joe Biden
As the first year of Joe Biden's presidency comes to a close, 41% of Americans approve of the way he's handling his job while 54% disapprove, according to the latest CNN Poll of Polls.
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