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UK firefighters vote to strike in row over pay
The Fire Brigades Union says it will not announce dates for 10 days so employers can table an improved offer.
NEU teacher strikes to go ahead after last-ditch talks fail
Talks between Education Secretary Gillian Keegan and union chiefs have proved "unproductive".
Pakistan mosque blast: Police targeted in attack that kills 59
The mosque is within a tightly-guarded area of police and intelligence buildings in Peshawar.
How Egyptian police hunt LGBT people on dating apps
The BBC has seen evidence of how officers pose as dates online to seek out and arrest their targets.
Mysterious 'whirlpool' appears in the night sky above Hawaii
An observatory captured video of the spiral formation flying through the night sky in January.
Eva Green: Actress gives evidence in High Court over bitter film dispute
The French star is suing a film company in the High Court after their plans fell apart.
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Eight people shot dead at birthday party in South Africa
Sunday's attack in Eastern Cape province highlights country's problems with violent crime
Eight people were killed and three others wounded when gunmen opened fire at a birthday party in South Africa's Eastern Cape province, local officials said. Continue reading...
Pope and Justin Welby to visit South Sudan amid tensions over LGBTQ+ rights
Head of Anglican church in South Sudan said archbishop of Canterbury was 'failing to defend biblical truth'Pope Francis and the archbishop of Canterbury will begin a historic joint visit to South Sudan on Friday against the backdrop of potential tensions over LGBTQ+ rights.The leaders of the global Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, whose numbers are growing in sub-Saharan Africa in contrast to the west, will be joined on their "pilgrimage of peace" by the leader of the Church of Scotland. Continue reading...
Weather tracker: Cheneso restrengthens to bring flooding to Madagascar
Tropical storm upgraded to cyclone status, hitting Indian Ocean island with 75mph winds and intense rainfallMadagascar continued to be hit by intense rainfall this week, resulting in serious flooding and several landslides. Severe Tropical Storm Cheneso made landfall in the north-east last week, and had weakened as it pushed south-west across the island. But after reaching the warm waters of the Mozambique channel on Monday, Cheneso restrengthened, achieving tropical cyclone status by Wednesday with sustained wind speeds of 75mph, equivalent to a category 1 hurricane.Unusually, the system remained near-stationary for almost four days, stalling just off the west coast of Madagascar and bringing more than 100mm of rain each day to some coastal areas. Cheneso's lack of movement resulted in weakening of the system on Thursday, as upwelling of cooler water beneath the storm reduced the energy available to the cyclone, and sustained winds decreased to about 55mph. The storm has now started to accelerate to the south, and begun the process of curving out towards the southern Indian Ocean. Cheneso may briefly restrengthen during this period, before becoming extratropical by Monday. Continue reading...
US military raid kills key Islamic State regional leader in Somalia, officials say
Bilal al-Sudani, 'responsible for fostering the growing presence of IS in Africa', was killed in strike approved by Joe BidenA US military raid in Somalia ordered by President Joe Biden this week killed a key regional leader of the Islamic State group, Bilal al-Sudani, according to US officials.Sudani was killed on Wednesday during a gunfight after US troops descended on a mountainous cave complex in northern Somalia hoping to capture him. Continue reading...
Archaeologist hails possibly oldest mummy yet found in Egypt
The 4,300-year-old mummy was found at the bottom of a 15-metre shaft near the Step Pyramid at SaqqaraEgyptologists have uncovered a Pharaonic tomb near the capital, Cairo, containing what may be the oldest and most complete mummy yet to be discovered in the country, the excavation team leader has said.The 4,300-year-old mummy was found at the bottom of a 15-metre shaft in a recently uncovered group of fifth and sixth dynasty tombs near the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, Zahi Hawass, director of the team, told reporters. Continue reading...
Africa has become 'less safe, secure and democratic' in past decade, report finds
Progress in key areas has stalled because of Covid, conflict and the climate crisis, but peaceful nations are performing betterAfrica is less safe, secure and democratic than a decade ago, with insecurity holding back progress in health, education and economic opportunities, according to an assessment of the continent.The Ibrahim index of African governance, which examines how well governments have delivered on policies and services, including security, health, education, rights and democratic participation, said Covid had contributed to the stalling of progress over the past three years. Continue reading...
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Analysis: A brutal mercenary army is gaining power in Putin's Russia
There's a growing rift at the top of the Russian government between Vladimir Putin's official military and the off-the-books mercenary force that has achieved some gains for Russia in Ukraine.
Boris Johnson describes how Putin allegedly threatened him
Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson claims in an upcoming BBC documentary that Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened him with a missile. CNN correspondent Clare Sebastian has more.
Opinion: In Ukraine's skies, drones tell a story of two wars
To understand Russia and Ukraine's very different ways of fighting, a good first place to look is up.
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