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David Cameron vows to support Rishi Sunak after surprise cabinet comeback
The new foreign secretary says Rishi Sunak has a "difficult job" after his comeback in a reshuffle.
Rishi Sunak sacks Suella Braverman as home secretary
The former cabinet minister was accused of stoking tensions ahead of pro-Palestinian protests at the weekend.
The return of David Cameron: What is going on?
Rishi Sunak could argue the ex-PM can unite the Tories. But his return to cabinet comes with baggage.
Brother of Hamas victim fears antisemitism in UK
Colin Cowan's brother Bernard, from Glasgow, was killed by Hamas gunmen in his home on a kibbutz in Israel.
Donald Trump Jr praises 'genius' father in New York fraud trial
The younger Mr Trump is the first defence witness in the family's civil fraud trial in New York.
Prince William and Sir Alex Ferguson at Sir Bobby Charlton's funeral
Mourners gathered to pay their respects as fans lined the streets to watch the funeral procession.
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Countries meet in Kenya to thrash out global plastic pollution treaty
Delegates in Nairobi for talks in what experts say could be most important multilateral treaty since Paris accord• The godfather of microplastics on how to stop themGovernment delegations will gather in Nairobi, Kenya, to hammer out details of what could be the first global treaty to tackle the plastic pollution crisis.A key focus for the discussions on Monday will be whether targets to restrict plastic production should be decided unilaterally or whether states should choose their own targets; this is, say environmentalists, the "centre of gravity" for the treaty's ambition. Continue reading...
Win or lose, supreme court decision on Rwanda policy will be pivotal for Tories
A victory for the immigration and asylum policy on Wednesday will come with headaches, but a defeat could split the Conservative partyWednesday marks a potentially pivotal moment in the government's fortunes when the supreme court rules whether its plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda is lawful.The decision could have significant implications not just for immigration and asylum policy, but also for the future direction of Rishi Sunak's government, and the Conservative party more widely. Here is what could follow from a government win or loss. Continue reading...
Irish woman inspired to return African and Aboriginal antiquities by Guardian article
Isabella Walsh has contacted embassies and consulates to repatriate 10 objects that her father wanted to be returnedAn Irish woman has been inspired by the Guardian to return her late father's collection of 19th-century African and Aboriginal objects to their countries of origin.Isabella Walsh, 39, from Limerick, has contacted embassies and consulates in Dublin and London to repatriate 10 objects, including spears, harpoon heads and a shield, after she read about other cases in the newspaper. Continue reading...
UN warns violence against civilians in Sudan 'verging on pure evil'
UN humanitarian coordinator for Sudan says war between army and paramilitaries is 'horrific'Violence against civilians in Sudan is "verging on pure evil," a senior UNofficial has warned, as fighting escalates seven months into the war between the army and paramilitaries."We keep saying that the situation is horrific and grim. But, frankly, we are running out of words to describe the horror of what is happening in Sudan," said Clementine Nkweta-Salami, the UN humanitarian coordinator for Sudan. Continue reading...
UK couple on holiday in Egypt died of carbon monoxide poisoning, coroner rules
Susan and John Cooper, from Burnley, fell ill after hotel room next door was sprayed for bed bug infestationA woman whose parents were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning during a holiday to Egypt has said her family is "broken without them".John and Susan Cooper, aged 69 and 63 respectively, died after falling ill in their hotel room after a pesticide was sprayed in the room next door to kill bed bugs, a coroner ruled on Friday. Continue reading...
South Africa to introduce shared parental leave after landmark judgment
Country will be first in Africa to introduce measure after its high court ruled that both parents must have right to time offSouth Africa is set to become the first country in Africa to introduce shared parental leave after a high court ruled that both parents must have the right to time off after the birth of a baby or adopting a child.The landmark judgment allows parents to choose how to divide four months parental leave between them. Continue reading...
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Here are the 20 specific Fox broadcasts and tweets Dominion says were defamatory
• Fox-Dominion trial delay 'is not unusual,' judge says• Fox News' defamation battle isn't stopping Trump's election lies
Judge in Fox News-Dominion defamation trial: 'The parties have resolved their case'
The judge just announced in court that a settlement has been reached in the historic defamation case between Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems.
'Difficult to say with a straight face': Tapper reacts to Fox News' statement on settlement
A settlement has been reached in Dominion Voting Systems' defamation case against Fox News, the judge for the case announced. The network will pay more than $787 million to Dominion, a lawyer for the company said.
Millions in the US could face massive consequences unless McCarthy can navigate out of a debt trap he set for Biden
• DeSantis goes to Washington, a place he once despised, looking for support to take on Trump• Opinion: For the GOP to win, it must ditch Trump• Chris Christie mulling 2024 White House bid• Analysis: The fire next time has begun burning in Tennessee
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