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Coronavirus: UK measures 'making a difference'
People are heeding the advice to stay home to keep pressure off the NHS - and it's working, says adviser.
Coronavirus: Trump says US in good shape to meet 'peak'
The US president says hospitals will have enough ventilators to cope wit the outbreak.
Coronavirus: Foreign Office links up with airlines to fly stranded Britons home
Foreign Office to work with airlines to get tens of thousands home - and spend £75m on other charter flights.
Woodmancote murder probe: Two adults and two children found dead
The four bodies found at the country property are believed to be members of the same family.
Coronavirus: Millions of garden plants set to be binned
The Horticultural Trades Association says many producers could go bust because of the coronavirus.
Lack of childcare 'forcing key workers to stay home'
As many childcare providers close their doors, key workers with young children tell the BBC they are "stuck".
Australia enacts sweeping lockdown powers to combat coronavirus spread
People in Australia's most populous state of New South Wales, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Australia, could be heavily fined or jailed for leaving their home without a good reason from Tuesday under sweeping new powers designed to slow infection rates.
U.S. judge stops Texas from curbing abortions during coronavirus crisis
A U.S. judge on Monday blocked Texas officials from banning most abortions in the state as part of their order to postpone surgeries and other procedures deemed not medically necessary during the coronavirus crisis.
New York greets hospital ship with cheers; California cases soar
New York welcomed the arrival of a gleaming 1,000-bed U.S. Navy hospital ship on Monday as a beacon of hope for the city's desperate fight against the coronavirus pandemic, while officials said the disease was gaining traction in California.
Instacart workers strike as labor unrest grows during coronavirus crisis
Some of the roughly 200,000 workers at U.S. online grocery delivery company Instacart said they were striking on Monday as labor unrest grows globally over safety and wages for people working through the coronavirus crisis.
Wall Street rallies, led by healthcare jump
U.S. stocks rose on Monday, led in part by healthcare stocks as investors looked for shares that have become cheap and can withstand the impact to the economy from efforts to stem the spread of the coronavirus.
On Oklahoma plains, an island of near normality in a pandemic
On red cobbled Main Street in Guymon, the biggest town in Oklahoma's panhandle, Jesus Ruiz gives "high and tight" hair cuts as a red, white and blue barber's pole turns lazily outside.
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Extend Brexit transition by years over coronavirus, UK told
European People's party says it hopes 'common sense will prevail over ideology'The largest group in the European parliament has urged the UK government to do the "responsible thing" and extend the Brexit transition period, as coronavirus plays havoc with the timetable for an EU-UK deal.The centre-right European People's party (EPP), which unites the parties of 11 EU leaders, including Angela Merkel and Leo Varadkar, issued a statement on Monday calling on the government to extend the Brexit transition beyond the end of the year. Continue reading...
Former anti-Nazi Greek resistance fighter and MEP Manolis Glezos dies aged 97
Former prime minister Alexis Tspiras said Glezos was a 'symbol of a fighter'In the pantheon of Greek politicians feted as much for fortitude as tenacity, few have stood out more than Manolis Glezos.Tributes poured in Monday as word spread that the indefatigable Greek leftist, who as a teenager tore down the Nazi swastika flag from the Acropolis and more than seven decades later was elected as an MEP for the radical Syriza party, had died of heart failure at the age of 97. Continue reading...
Harry and Meghan to start new life with focus on family and charities
Couple reveal plans as they prepare to officially cease working duties later this weekThe Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who begin their new life as non-working royals this week, have said they intend to spend the next few months concentrating on their family and privately supporting their charities.The couple, who have relocated to California, will cease to be working royals and can no longer officially represent the Queen from Wednesday, as they seek to become financially independent. Continue reading...
Van Gogh painting stolen from Dutch museum
Thieves have stolen the £5m Parsonage Garden at Neunen in Spring by the famous artist from the Singer Laren museumA painting by Vincent van Gogh with an estimated value of up to £5m has been stolen from a Dutch museum currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.The thieves took Van Gogh's Parsonage Garden at Neunen in Spring after smashing through the front glass door of the Singer Laren museum, in Laren, at around 3.15am on Sunday morning. No other art is believed to be missing. Continue reading...
Film on Angela Merkel's role during refugee crisis set for screening
Decision to keep borders open despite thousands of migrants arriving set to be featuredIt was long said to have been the most significant decision of Angela Merkel's 14 years as German chancellor. Now the political and social drama of the refugee crisis in 2015 has been turned into a feature film based on a bestselling book.Merkel: The Driven charts the twists and turns surrounding the decree that allowed almost a million refugees into Germany. Continue reading...
Scientists develop AI that can turn brain activity into text
Researchers in US tracked the neural data from people while they were speaking
Reading minds has just come a step closer to reality: scientists have developed artificial intelligence that can turn brain activity into text.While the system currently works on neural patterns detected while someone is speaking aloud, experts say it could eventually aid communication for patients who are unable to speak or type, such as those with locked in syndrome. Continue reading...
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Pelosi: Trump's downplaying of coronavirus has cost American lives
Pelosi: Trump's downplaying of coronavirus has cost American livesHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi sharpened her criticism of President Trump's early dismissal of the coronavirus, saying the delay cost American lives. She criticized the president's initial response to the virus during a Sunday morning interview on CNN.
Wuhan's death toll could be astronomically higher than the Chinese government has reported, some residents say
Wuhan's death toll could be astronomically higher than the Chinese government has reported, some residents sayOfficials in Wuhan, China, reported that 2,535 people in the city have died from COVID-19. Some residents suspect that's a severe undercount.
North Korea hails 'super large' launcher test as virus timing condemned
North Korea hails 'super large' launcher test as virus timing condemnedSouth Korea's army issued a stern statement saying that testing comes at a "very inappropriate" time.
Mexico's president shifts tone on coronavirus, urges people to stay home, warns of dire consequences
Mexico's president shifts tone on coronavirus, urges people to stay home, warns of dire consequencesCritics said Mexico's president was downplaying the coronavirus threat. But he has now shifted his tone.
Tornado tears through Arkansas city, prompting curfew and National Guard response
Tornado tears through Arkansas city, prompting curfew and National Guard response"I know there is property damage," Gov. Asa Hutchinson said. "Just praying all is safe."
Fit, healthy 33-year-old recounts falling ill to coronavirus
Fit, healthy 33-year-old recounts falling ill to coronavirusAndrea Napoli didn't fit the usual profile of a coronavirus patient. At 33, he was in perfect health, with no history of respiratory disease. Until that day, Napoli was following his routine of work, jogging and swimming.
Watch: Acosta quotes Trump's past coronavirus claims to him
President Donald Trump criticized CNN's Jim Acosta for asking how Trump would defend his past statements that downplayed the coronavirus in the early phases of the US outbreak.
Flattening the curve: Are US efforts actually working?
CNN's John King examines whether the US efforts to flatten the curve of novel coronavirus cases are working.
Rising toll: First US service member dies from coronavirus
The first US service member has died from Covid-19, the US military announced on Monday.
Tips: Worried about infection from groceries? Here's what to do
Follow these guidelines when handling food bought from the grocery store or ordered to your door to reduce your exposure to the novel coronavirus. Watch the latest videos on Covid-19.
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